Water and Health

Goal: To contribute to accessible and productive use of water and promotion of healthy living, especially for mother and children by 2021

Through research and learning over the years, ProNet North continues to wrestle the knowledge gaps that impede effective action on important WASH and health issues, respond to the information needs of both partners and communities, act on emerging WASH issues and proactively take steps to address these challenges.

By developing local initiatives and capacities, the department delivers innovative, relevant and highly-accessible training programs aimed at strengthening the capacities of communities and institutions with the knowledge and experience to solve water and sanitation challenges using indigenous technology and resources. By identifying or developing, synthesizing and distributing relevant and up-to-date information on WASH, the unit supports effective policy making and decision making especially at the local government level that protects health and improves human development, as well as predicting and helping to prevent emerging risks.Through networking and effective partnerships, we bring together individuals, communities and institutions from diverse disciplines and sectors, to work together to solve the most critical issues in water and health.

Department of Water and Health currently carries out the projects named Supporting Localized Governance and Rehabilitation for Sustainable Water Services and Give me Tap.

WASH Project