Toele and Irene's Story from GCBE

    Toele Yeng (right) and Irene Nabele (left) are CBE beneficiaries in Sangoryiri in Nadowli-Kaleo District. Toele is one of the transitioned learners, and Irene is currently attending the CBE class in her community.

    Toele said, “CBE programme benefited me a lot. Although I could speak Dagare (local language in Sangoryiri), attending the CBE class enabled me to write the language as well. All thanks to the CBE programme, I can now study at the formal school. I want to be a nurse to help people suffering from sickness and contribute to the health of my community.”

    Irene also said, “I really enjoy the CBE class because the mode of instruction is Dagaare. I have never been to school before attending CBE class, because I had to do household work for my mom. However, through the intervention of CBE, my parents changed their mind and allowed me to go to CBE class. I will keep studying hard at CBE class to be a teacher.”

    ProNet is pleased to see the positive impacts of CBE. We hope that these two girls among other beneficiaries would realize their ambitions and have positive impacts on society.

Toele and Irene