Bangmuuru Susana's Story from CRAFS

    Bangmuuru Susana is a 59 years old widow who lives in Dakyie community with her two grown up children and her sister in-law. Though farmers, she brews pito periodically to supplement their income. Susana is a member of Esong group, one of the VSLA groups formed under the CRAFS project. She has always also been involved in almost all the meetings regarding the project. Though an elderly woman she has endeavored to contribute at every sitting in their VSLA group as shares. She has contributed a total amount of about GHS 220 as shares bought. Before the intervention of the project Susana like every other woman in the community did not know how to save. "we use to spend as and when we earn and so saving does not even come into mind but now we make the conscious effort to hide something small to put in our box every week," Susana recounted.

    Most of them just live a life of chance and when problems comes it over shadows them especially when there is no family member to help or any asset to sell to help out. "Because we use not to save, any small challenge weighs us down and get us going from one family member to the other for help or to borrow which also comes with insults and disgrace," Susana adds. "My daughter who completed JHS and went down south in search of greener pastures came back pregnant but for this VSLA she would have died," Susana narrated her story beaming with smiles. "It was from the VSLA that I borrowed GH100 to buy drugs and other petty expenses to replenish her blood, now I have a granddaughter and my daughter is still alive," an excitedly Susana recounted. Thank you OXFAM and ProNet for the support.


Madam Susana