Give me Tap Project

Sanitation Marketing (SanMark) Project

    SanMark is designed to leverage on the CLTS program which has created demand for sanitation facilities. Following the CLTS concept, many households constructed latrines with locally available materials. These constructed latrines are, generally, not very durable and collapse in no time resulting in slippage. The SanMark Program currently on-going in Sissala West, Daffiama Bussie Issah District is designed to improve on the durability of latrines and fulfil the forth pillar of the Rural Sanitation Model.

    Under SanMark, financial literacy is provided for households mainly in the area of VSLA. District Assembly (DA) staff have been trained by ProNet North to facilitate the establishment of VSLA sanitation fund as a tool to accumulate funds for the construction of durable latrines. Also, technical and entrepreneurship training has been organized for latrine artisans to provide the supply side of sanitation demands. Alongside, suppliers and financial institutions are being encouraged to do business in the sanitation sector. Meanwhile, business expos are organized to showcase the various types of latrines and materials.




    Funded by: UNICEF/Canada