Madam Paula's Story from CBR Training (ESONG)


    Madam Paula is one of the members of Disable People’s Organization (DPO) in Jirapa.

    She shared her experience in the training:

    “When I was pregnant, I attended antenatal clinic regularly till delivery at the ninth month. 3 days after delivery, the child was sick, so I went back to the hospital and was admitted for 2 weeks. The doctor referred us to physiotherapy department for assistance. I used to back my child, but because of the suffering from his spinal cord his neck was always hanging and people used to insult me that I don’t back him well. Family members had a mystical believe that he was not human and should be killed, but I threatened especially my father who insisted from day 1 to kill my son that I will report him to the police. I attended the DPOs meeting and had a lot of counseling and encouragement from the association. Now my boy is in class six and can walk properly. All hope is still not lost.”

Madam Paula