Message from Director

    The organization has implemented varied projects related to education, agriculture, women's empowerment, climate resilience, water and sanitation, in response to grounded developmental needs in partner communities. We are convinced that our collective efforts have resulted in positive outcomes throughout our operational area.


    In the area of education, we have engaged in promoting access to education for vulnerable out of school children, girls, children with disabilities and migrant children, through advocacy and community empowerment. Our staff and volunteers have developed participatory teaching and learning materials for formal schools. We have also continued with implementation of the Ghana Complementary Basic Education Programme that includes mother tongue literacy and numeracy.


    Under our GROW and CRAFS projects, we continued to empower rural farmers by encouraging i ncreased production beyond subsistence consumption requirements; to provide a basis for income generation within expandingvaluechains. We have supported alternative livelihoods including dry season farming, soap making and apiculture.


    Our work in WASH made significant strides in relation to inclusive poverty targeting through the implementation of the WASH in DPC (Unicef/Canada supported) using a social fund model that worked with indigent households to ensure total household latrine coverage in communities that have attained ODFstatus. We also made great progress in ameliorating the WASH Poverty situation in Northern Ghana through our work with WAG, Give Me Tap and Eau Bottle.


    We have also improved our accountability and fundraising drive through publicizing our activities via newsletters, social media and our website to provide more information to our partners, potential donors and individuals. We will make continuous efforts to strengthen the communication between partners so as to increase the presence and contribution of the organization in the country and beyond.


    That said, we have taken note of our challenges during the period and commit to address issues around systematic knowledge management, documentation, skills development to make us a leader into the future.


Martin Dery - Director