International Citizen Service (ICS) Project

    International Citizen Service (ICS) is a programme which aims at giving opportunity to young people aged 18-25 years to volunteer in development projects in Africa, Asia or Latin America. The project presents these young people an opportunity to contribute to developing and changing the world around them. Volunteers are send off to communities where VSO projects are being implemented. They stay there for 12 weeks and work with communities, schools and other stakeholders towards the achievement of set objectives.

    In the Upper West Region, ICS operates in Jirapa district where VSO is implementing a project, Tackling Education Needs Inclusively (TENI), in partnership with ProNet North and GES Jirapa. ICS compliments the TENI project and supports its partners and stakeholders, accelerating the implementation of the planned activities for the project period. Volunteers are placed in 4 project communities (Nimbare Kompore, Mwofo, Tizza, and Sigri) in Jirapa District for 12-week period to plan and carry out activities that help increase attendance, enrolment, transition, retention and performance of target children, especially, girls, handicapped children and contribute to the achievement of the TENI objectives.



Funded by: Department for International Developmnent (DFID)

Partnered with: Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)