Decentralization and Governance

Pronet has direct experience in supporting Community Action Plan processes using techniques that ensure active participation and inclusion. This experience includes synthesis of CAPs at Area Council level and onward integration into District Composite Plans. The processes involves community leader visits to the MMDA offices for direct engagements. We have also accelerated direct participation by women in the District Assembly Election processes.

Annual Turnover

Our annual turnover over the last 5 years exceeds 15MGHS.

Executive Council

  • 1. Mdm. Pheobe Balagumyetime Public Health Specialist Chair
  • 2. Dr. Paul Bangniyel Chartered Accountant Member
  • 3. Mrs Anacleta Naab Educationist Member
  • 4. Mr. Thaddeus Sory Notary Public Member
  • 5. Mr. Awuni Atia Erasmus Technician Engineer Member
  • 6. Mr. Martin Dery Social Design Specialist Director
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