GCBE Project Outputs in 2017

The CBE programme has strengthened local committees and communities' involvement in community development. Committee members are showing high commitment towards education in their communities. Also, local committee members and parents in the West Gonja District who received training on livelihood empowerment gained skills on livelihood opportunities. Now, they can support their families more than before and serve as role models in their communities. Positive influences are seen among facilitators as well. They have showed strong interest in becoming professional teachers as a result of CBE engagement

Besides the vital changes above, ProNet has recorded a high level of female participation in the program (i.e. 60% LCMs/SMCs and 52% female learner graduation for cycle 4). Also, media engagement increased publicity and public interest in the CBE program.

  • Increased number of operational Districts from 8 to 10.
  • Graduated 8,122 enrolled learners
  • Transitioned 8,091 graduated learners
  • Formed 53 Local Committee Members and strengthened 91 School Management Committees
  • Trained 152 community-based facilitators
  • Over 50% female enrolment over the past 2 years
  • Furniture presented to District Education Office for transitioned learners