Antuomwini Kofi's Story from GROW

    Antuomwini Kofi is a 28-year-old disabled (amputee) divorcee from Kulkpong-Yipaahi in the Wa East District. Aside her 2 daughters, there are 3 other people (her mother and two siblings) that depend on her. Before joining the GROW project in 2016, her main source of income was from mending clothes on market days from which she fetched a maximum of GHC10 to GHC15 per week. Though she made a dry season garden in the past, it was on a small scale and the harvest was poor.

    With her new knowledge in dry season farming from the GROW Project, Antuomwini went to the riverside with renewed enthusiasm for a better life. She worked so hard at a quarter acre dry season garden and marvelled at the amount of money she made from the garden.

    “No need to mend clothes at the market. I can make up GHC110 a week from my garden. I am investing all my energy in the garden. With my new earnings, I have increased my VSLA savings from GHC1.00 to 20.00 per week, so I can raise enough money to finance my soya farm for the farming season. I am also able to provide for my family. As a single parent, I was under a lot of stress providing for my family. Now I have changed my children school uniforms and stocked enough stationaries for their education throughout the year. I have learned to plan ahead.” (by Mdm. Antuomwini)

    In the cropping season 2016, madam Antuomwini harvested three bags from her half-acre soya farm and reserved one bag for family consumption.

    “I am also stocking food to feed my family during the next farming season. This year I am sure I will have sufficient food to feed the family even during the hunger period. Thanks to GROW.” (by Mdm. Antuomwini)

    Madam Antuomwini is now an ambitious business woman. After harvesting the vegetables, she intends to plant early maize in her garden so that she can redeem on the high prices of fresh corn in the early days of the raining season.


Madam Antuomwini