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Supporting Localized Governance and Rehabilitation for Sustainable Water Services Project


The project aimed to support localized governance and rehabilitation for sustainable WASH services in Ghana through a rights based approach and to build capacities of Local Government Authority, communities and institutions to strengthen their knowledge and capacity in WASH services delivery.

All processes and products of the project management life cycle were inclusive to meet the needs of the different users with emphasis on rights of person with disabilities, women and geographically excluded groups. Traditional and natural leaders were trained to support the project and facilitate behaviour change. DAs and other duty bearers were constantly updated and held to account in execution of their aspects of this tripartite agreement.

The project came to an end in September 2017, with a lot of improvements and positive impacts in its operational area in Wa East District.


Project Outcomes


  • 30 cubic Meters ferro cement Rain Water Harvesting tanks completed and in use in 3 schools; Loggu primary, Vieha primary, Goripie primary, to promote Hand Washing.
  • 4 boreholes rehabilitated and in use for 3 schools; Tampaala primary, Kpaglahi primary/JHS and Vieha community.
  • 2 to 4 seater ILs with Hand Washing facility constructed for 3 schools at Loggu SHS, Tampaala Primary and Konta primary.
  • Banungoma Community attain 90% Score for ODF basic status through CLTS.
  • 2 Boreholes upgraded to serve Bulenga Primary & Bulenga Health centre with extension to Staff Quarters to promote Health service delivery.

Story of Ama

Ama is a Natural Leader from Viehaa Community. She lives alone with her four children and was the first person to construct a latrine after triggering. The team was impressed and probed for her motivation; she said, "I have always seen open defecation as a challenge but never knew how to tackle it. When the team from ProNet came and triggered our community, I felt the need to construct a latrine knowing that my shit and that of my household will not be eaten by animals, pollute our streams and vegetables which eventually is consumed by our very selves."

According to her, people hardly listen any time she talks; they disregarded her because she ever suffered serious mental illness before. She is one person in the community who goes to sweep the market square and most people link it to insanity but she strongly believes it's all geared towards total sanitation and added that "if we all sweep our houses and ignore the public places that cannot achieve our aim." She also said, "I am happy that the disgust of seeing my own feces is now a thing of the past because I no longer shit indiscriminately behind my house; however I hope my community members would also be motivated to construct their household latrines so that we can together end open defecation and live healthy lives."

Funded by: Conrad Hilton Norman Foundation (CHNF)

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